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Delivered Direct to You

In order to make the process as convenient for you as possible, Mylen will ship your spiral stair directly to your doorstep. Anywhere in Continental North America. All you have to do is give us an address. You don’t have to come to us or drive to a nearby warehouse. Just provide us with a date when you can be home for receipt of your stair and we’ll handle the rest so you can move along with your project.

Wood Step Covers

In addition to such options as diamond plating or grating, there’s also the possibility of adding wooden covers to your steps. Tread covers can come in a variety of wood species to add both bright or dark tones and accents to your stair. They can be of varying thicknesses and even be designed to be carpet ready.

The beauty of adding wooden covers is that, with the right kind of wood, you can custom stain it to your ideal shade and finish it to an eye-catching luster.

Wood covers aren’t confined to indoors either. Using the right species, such as a cedar like your deck may be made out of, you can enjoy the natural beauty of wood outdoors as well

Warranted for Peace of Mind 

Because we don’t want you to worry while your spiral stair is in transit, we automatically insure all stairs against damage or loss. You’ve made a significant investment and deserve to receive a stair in no less than perfect condition. We also encourage you to thoroughly inspect your stair upon receipt with the delivery man present to ensure everything meets your satisfaction and to contact us immediately should you find any issue. We will work with you to resolve any shipping issues as quickly as possible.

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