Meet the team dedicated to crafting your stairs with passion.


Artisan Crafted

Mylen Stairs employs skilled artisans that design, engineer and build thousands of spiral and floating staircases every year. Every staircase is built by hand at Pennsylvania facility. Our artisans use high-grade American-made materials and proven welding and woodworking processes to build you an exceptional product. These materials and processes ensure your Mylen staircase will last for many years to come. Learn more about out craftsmanship and call us today!

Our Stair Solutions

Mylen Stair’s history is defined by a spirit of American ingenuity in our engineering and the attitude of a strong work ethic that manifests in the flawless design of each unique stair solution. Now, for over 70 years, Mylen has designed and manufactured spiral and floating staircases and shipped thousands of units across the U.S.


Engineering Quality Staircases Since 1945

Mylen Stairs was born 75 years ago in Peekskill, New York. In 2012, Mylen Stairs moved to its new home with the MBP Group in Collegeville, Pennsylvania where we continue to this day to create high quality spiral and straight staircases. A small, tight knit team makes us feel like much more than just a shop team, we are family.

With that mindset comes the passion and hardwork that goes into every staircase that leaves our shop. When you choose us it's not just business, it's personal, we can't wait to have you join the Mylen Stairs Family!

Connecting Consumers to Premium Home Building Products

Our in-house sales, engineering, and production teams all work together to provide the highest-quality building materials direct to customers across North America.

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