Spiral Stair & Straight Stair FAQs

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Spiral Stair FAQ:

Is a spiral stair right for my space?

Spiral staircases are a great choice for a variety of spaces. Indoors to connect different floors, lofts or living areas. Outdoors to connect decks, treehouses and much more! The possibilities with a spiral stair are truly endless.

Smaller, tighter spaces are the perfect candidate for our custom spiral staircases. When you choose a Mylen Spiral Stair you won’t have to choose between functionality and space saving. We have completed projects as large as Hollywood Productions and as small as tiny homes, Mylen spiral stairs are some of the most versatile spiral stairs on the market.

How do I know that a spiral staircase will fit my design?

When it comes to designing your spiral stair the team at Mylen want to make it the easiest experience possible. With a variety of stairs, finishes, and options the possibilities are endless. Walking you through our process from start to finish, you essentially will have your own project manager just a phone call away.

Seeing a 3D render of the stair helps you get a good idea of what the stair will truly look like. Matching the dimensions of the space will give you a true to size fit. Our team will work tirelessly to make sure your stair design is perfect for your space.

What type of stairs are best for my interior space?

We offer steel and wooden spiral stairs for any of your interior needs. Our steel stairs are the perfect pairing of modern and minimal. Not only is steel a sturdy material, it can easily adapt to the surrounding style and decor. All of our steel stairs can be customized to meet your needs, and can easily be built to code.

If steel isn’t your cup of tea, we have beautiful handcrafted wooden spiral stairs. We pride ourselves on the quality and functionality of our wooden serial stairs. Making a perfect accent piece, and investment to your home. Get started with your perfect spiral staircase for your interior space today!

What type of stairs are best for my exterior space?

Just like interior stairs, we offer a variety of options for exterior stairs. Most popular are our aluminum powder coated spiral stairs. Aluminum is a naturally non-corrosive element that is guaranteed to last a life time, and is maintenance free. This means our aluminum stairs are the perfect choice for the outdoor elements.

Additionally, our galvanized spiral stairs are also a great choice for an outdoor spiral stair. Galvanizing is a process in which zinc is used to completely coat each stair component inside and out. The coating of metallic zinc bonded with steel forms an armor that serves to protect against corrosion and rust. In addition to rust prevention, galvanized stairs won’t show scratches. Our galvanized stairs are the more affordable options when it comes to exterior stairs. 

How do I measure for my stairs? 

When it comes to measuring for your stairs, you have to consider the diameter in which you want your stair to be. To give yourself a rough idea of what a spiral staircase with a diameter of 3’ 6” will look like, try tracing out two intersecting lines on the floor to form a large “X.” Each of these intersecting lines should have a length equal to the diameter of the spiral staircase. 

The well opening should be larger in diameter than your spiral staircase itself, by 2” at least to be precise. Additionally, you need to ensure that there is a clear walking space. A readily available method for figuring out your clear walking space will be when you decide on a diameter for your staircase is that the clear walking space will increase 3” for every additional 6” the staircase’s diameter increases. 

Floor to floor height is another simple but very important measurement. This measurement will influence the cost of your spiral stair, taller stairs will contain more material, in turn increasing the price.

Will my stairs be built to code?

This is a great question, when it comes to the stairs you are choosing for your space we offer a number of options. All of our stairs can be built to meet code requirements, this makes them safe and valid to any building code. Building your stairs to code is beneficial for many different reasons. The first being that stairs built to code minimize on any potential injuries, it eliminates the space between steps, making it safe and navigable for pets, children and elderly.

Having stairs that are built to code will also be helpful when selling your space. Spiral stairs are not always sought after, so knowing they are safe and built to code may help. Additionally, if you need to meet requirements by zoning laws our built to code stairs should satisfy and needs. For all of your built to code spiral stair needs, we are here. Call us today!

How much will my spiral stair cost me?

Unlike most products, there is not one set price for our spiral stairs. This is for a number of reasons, our spiral stairs can be as standard or as elaborate as your project needs them to be. Our spiral stairs start anywhere from $600 and can range up to $15,000 based on the material, make and functionality of the stair. When it comes to budgeting for your spiral stairs it is important to understand certain features and upgrades can increase the price. 

When you work with the team here at Mylen we do our best to keep a rough budget in mind when helping you build your stair. Any questions about upgrades or pricing you may have we are more than happy to help. We offer a variety of options that are budget friendly quality stairs, don’t wait reach out to the team to get started on your stairs today!

Is it going to be easy to install my spiral stairs?

All of our spiral stairs will ship to you broken down and include a detailed guide for the installation process. With a team of one or more people, our stairs can be assembled in five simple steps. Though it is not necessary, we have had clients work with a general contractor to install their stair.

You can find additional support on our website, or give the team here at Mylen a call. We are here for you each step the way during your spiral stair installation. An easy and fun project, get started on designing your Mylen spiral stair today.

Straight Stair FAQ:

Why a Floating Stair?

Our floating stairs are uniquely engineered and offer an irreplaceable look for the space it is installed in. Unlike a normal stair we feel our floating stair look is irreplaceable because of the contemporary and modern vibes it provides. Our floating stairs offers the perfect aesthetic for any space trying to accomplish an open feel.

The modern style of our floating stairs is achieved thanks to support stringers or beams. We offer single beam stair we call our mono stringer, or a stair with two stringers that we call a double. Our floating stair stringers are engineered and welded to offer the highest level of safety. Floating stairs are the perfect alternative to the modern stair or even if you don’t feel spiral stairs are fo your space. Reach out to our team and get started on your floating stairs today.

Will a Floating Stair look right in my space?

Each space we work with is different, however we know that our Floating Stairs are the perfect way to open up and modernize the space they are being installed into. Great for an office building, home or recreational space our Floating Stairs are more than just a stair, they are an accent piece. These stairs are perfect for any home or space but especially for new home builds and renovations. If you are looking to add more space to your existing floor plan by taking out a wall or the homes traditional stair the Floating Stair would be a perfect addition to your project.

How do I design my Floating Stair?

The team here at Mylen Stairs are experts when it comes to finding the perfect Floating stair to match your space and project. We want to take the time to work closely with you to ensure the stair will go well with any project plans, drawings or even photos. Based on the information you provide, our team will work to give you a clearer picture of what your finished stair would look like and how it would fit in your space. Don’t hesitate, reach out to the team at Mylen today and get started on your Floating Stair project. 

What do I need to measure for my Floating Stair?

When it comes to measuring for your Floating Stair, it is similar to measuring for a traditional staircase. The first important measurement is what is called the rise and the run of the stair. The rise is how high the floating stair will have to go and the run is how far. This simple measurement is important to know what distance you will need your new floating stairs between floors or platforms. Additionally, the rise and run will help us determine how many treads your project will require.

Measuring for level-offs and platforms is another vital measurement, these platforms will be required in between flights. Each level-off will also allow you to make better use of your space. Knowing the depth and rise of your steps is also important for a functioning floating stair. The depth of a stair refers to the amount of space that will be available for your room from the front of the step to the back of the step, while the rise refers to how high every step will elevate from.

Finally, making sure that there is enough space for your stairs landing platforms is important. One must ensure that enough space is available for comfortable movement both at the top and bottom of your floating stair. Knowing how much square footage is needed will be important not only for platforms but also for installation purposes.

Can my Floating Stairs be built to code?

Simple answer, yes! However when you choose to build your floating stairs to code you do loose out on some of your aesthetic and build options. Though some people prefer to build stairs to code, there are only a handful of options you should be mindful of your stair being up to code. If you are installing the stair where it would be accessible to the general public or if you are about to sell your home are examples of when you should truly be concerned about building to code.

When building to code, there is the chance that it will end up costing you more. This is simply because it will take more building materials to ensure there is less space between steps and spindles. The team here a Mylen can assist you with any questions you have about building to code. Don’t wait reach out today and get started on your code (or non code) floating stair.

How much will my Floating Stair cost me? 

When it comes to budgeting for your floating stair project, there are a number of factors involved in determining final pricing. Knowing the price of material, how much you need, and the level of work that is going to be put into crafting your stair is important to keep in mind. Understanding that the floating stringer achieves its minimalistic look with a single beam that contains superior strength, but minimal support will help you get and idea of the quality of materials used.

Our stairs are well engineered to ensure the safety and stability, we manufacture everything onsite thus producing the highest quality products. Your floating stairs will be built to last and will be a true investment into your home. Due to the work, materials and time that goes into our quality floating stairs our typical ranger for a mono stringer stair is anywhere from $5,000 to $65,000. While a rough estimate for our double stringer is anywhere from $5,000-$25,000. Know that when you choose a quality Mylen floating stair, its not just a stair but a lifetime investment for your space.

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