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Why Mylen Stairs

70+ Years of Experience

Mylen Stairs has been providing custom staircases since 1945 building a reputation of quality and consistency.

Customized Process

Just like our stairs, our process is tailored to you. Your designer is with you every step, from the first phone call to shipment.

Lifetime Warranty

All of our stairs are covered by a lifetime warranty on metal fabrication and a 5 year warranty on all finishes.

Quality Engineering

Our in-house engineers work with your staircase designer to ensure the safety and structural integrity of your stair.

Mylen Stairs Featured in Architectural Digest!

As one of the most prominent hair stylists within the fashion industry, Guido Palau boasts an extensive client portfolio that includes luxury labels such as Prada, Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Saint Laurent and Versace. When designing his Manhattan apartment, the proflific trendsetter, Guido Palau, turned to Mylen Stairs to bring a unique, one-of-kind spiral staircase.

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A phone consultation with one of our expert designers is the first step in creating a custom staircase solution just for you.

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What to Expect with Mylen Stairs


    Your new custom spiral or floating staircase starts with a complimentary phone consultation with one of our expert design consultants. At this first meeting, we’ll ask you for general measurements such as your estimated stair height and listen closely to understand your needs and ideas.


    Once equipped with your design requirements, we’ll create a virtual model of your staircase using our 3-D rendering software. This will show you how your stair will actually look and function in your space. Together, we’ll make changes until the design is exactly what you want.


    When complete, your custom design is sent to our manufacturing floor, where we use the finest materials from North America and Europe to create your stair components. Your Mylen stair will meet the highest quality of standards, backed by a lifetime guarantee on metal fabrication.

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Staircase Solutions Engineered to Perfection

Over 40 years is a long time to be in the stair manufacturing business, and this is the level of experience that defines the know-how and craftsmanship behind every Mylen stair. That means guaranteed quality and value passed on to you the customer. Mylen Stairs has a tradition of unfaltering dedication to engineering every separate component of our stairs to ensure all of the pieces fit perfectly and the final product is rock solid. This approach of engineering every component allows each of our finished staircases to fit each job flawlessly. It is a tradition that dates back several decades. So you’re certain to find the ideal staircase to give your space that final touch that conveys exactly what you imagined when you first began to seek a stair solution.

Our range of materials, finishes, designs, and build options allow you to take your concept and give it striking form. Whether that form has the magnitude of representing a corporate giant or a picture of private luxury, the finished product will be a showpiece you’ll treasure.

We offer two product lines—spiral staircases and floating staircases—that each come in several customizable options. Our products can easily fit building codes, keeping your construction project running smoothly. Each option provides a rigid structure with rock solid quality and stability that can’t be beaten by any other stair system.