What Can a Spiral Stair Do for Me?

01 The Spiral Advantage (Spiral)Now that you’ve come to the point where you’re considering if a spiral staircase is correct for your home space or not, you’ve obviously got several questions, concerns, and general uncertainties for which you need solid answers and solutions. The goal of this guide is to address these issues and to help you find a stair for your unique space saving needs.

An initial point to consider is what advantages does a spiral staircase really offer? And not just what advantages on general principle of being a spiral staircase, but what advantages do they offer specifically for your space?

A Spiral Stair Is Space Efficient
One immediate advantage that may apply to your space is that spiral staircases are more space efficient. Their vertical nature allows for a smaller architectural footprint than nearly any other type of stair. Once you have an understanding of this efficiency, the reason for electing a spiral stair as your means of egress becomes clearer.

Space efficiency is a constant concern with which nearly every home owner has to battle. So, installing structures that optimize space use and put the odds of the battle in your favor are really the way to go whenever possible. With your space optimized, it now becomes possible to add that larger piece of furniture to your living room set. Or to place that pool table in your den.

Aside from the ability to add new pieces of furniture should you desire, you also have the ability to use the new space for some much needed storage. If the spiral stair leads down to your cellar, those boxes of seasonal items have a much greater amount of space, and therefore opportunity, to be organized. Essentially, a spiral staircase allows to be a much cleaner living space.

However you look at it and however you want to use it, space is a very valuable commodity in your home.