The Floating Stair Advantage

09 The Floating Stair Advantage (Floating)What Can a Floating Stair Do for Me?
A floating staircase is a unique piece of engineering that offers an irreplaceable look and feel for any setting it occupies. This look is irreplaceable because a floating staircase provides a contemporary aesthetic perfect for a minimalist home or any other space trying to achieve an open feel.

That open and ultra-contemporary modern feel comes from a support system created by stringers, or beams. The stringer support system can either be a single down the center of the stairs (called a mono) or two stringers down either side (called a double). These stringers are welded pieces engineering that offer a rock-solid level of safety.

The purpose of this guide is to walk you through what options are available in an indoor floating stair, what potential applications a floating staircase has, and to show you why it’s a worthwhile investment for your home.

The Versatility of Your Floating Stair Builds
Floating staircases provide an irreplaceable aesthetic—that of “floating.” This aesthetic that results from unique engineering also provides you with certain functional advantages as well.

Most notable of these advantages is that of added space. Because the floating staircase does not require any added form of support underneath, you have the ability to use that new open space for any number of things. You now have extra storage, a place to add some personalized décor, added room for furniture, or just a space to leave empty to achieve that desirable and modern “open” look.

Furthermore, because a floating stair does not require the support of a near wall or otherwise enclosed space, the variety of locations where they can be placed in your home multiplies. If you wish for your stair to provide egress to your loft from the middle of a floorplan rather than an edge for convenience or aesthetic purposes, a floating stair makes this desire a simple matter.

Obtain Multiple Configurations with Your Floating Staircase
Your options for achieving functional egress between two floors are not limited to the form of a single straight flight. You can configure your floating stair to contain several flights separated by appropriately placed landing platforms. These platforms then allow you to decide on any number of directions for each flight. The next flight doesn’t have to be directly opposite the preceding one, or rather it doesn’t have to be what’s termed a “switchback”.

This ability to choose which direction each flight will run and rise provides you with the ability to custom fit a well-engineered floating staircase into even the tightest of spaces with the most unusual of dimensions and measurements.