Double Stringer Floating Staircases

Double Stringer stairs offer a very versatile design. They include a double support beam system, hence the name, which ensures stability. Because of the sturdiness inherent to the design, there is no need for additional structural support, which allows for extra storage space and a chic aesthetic.

Maximum Stringer Support

As it’s name indicates, our double stringer stairs provide you with double beam support under the treads for extra stability. Because of the sturdiness inherent to the design, there is no need for additional structural support, which allows for modern and open concept spaces enhances by the clean aesthetic of the double stringer staircase system.

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Custom Options

We build your Double Stringer with your space in mind. Your Mylen Design Consultant will work with you each step of the way – from initial measurement to staircase installation. These double stringers were design thoughtfully by our in-house engineering team with versatility, style and function at the forefront of each decision. The end result is a modern staircase system with a versatile design makes for easy configuration to your project.

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Sleek Lines & Modern Aesthetics

Mylen Double Stringer Floating Staircases open up any room. Our double stringer allow light to flood into and across your room thus creating a very open and inviting environment. These double stringers are an excellent traditional staircase replacement option for modern, rustic and any other decor style.

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What to Expect with Mylen Stairs


    Your new custom spiral or floating staircase starts with a complimentary phone consultation with one of our expert design consultants. At this first meeting, we’ll ask you for general measurements such as your estimated stair height and listen closely to understand your needs and ideas.


    Once equipped with your design requirements, we’ll create a virtual model of your staircase using our 3-D rendering software. This will show you how your stair will actually look and function in your space. Together, we’ll make changes until the design is exactly what you want.


    When complete, your custom design is sent to our manufacturing floor, where we use the finest materials from North America and Europe to create your stair components. Your Mylen stair will meet the highest quality of standards, backed by a lifetime guarantee on metal fabrication.

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