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Can I use a Mylen Spiral Stair in my home?
Yes, a spiral staircase will fit in beautifully, as long as you can make a finished stairwell that’s at least 44″ x 44″ with a header or floor joist to attach to upstairs or off any loft, balcony, or deck (some smaller places will work).

Can a Mylen Spiral Stair be used outdoors?
Yes, there are many great exterior grade metals and finishes available, such as hot-dipped galvanized stairs, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Is the stair painted?
The stair comes with a coat of alkyd-acrylic rust inhibitive primer. It can be finished in any color, using oil or latex paint, but any metal staircase should be painted after the stair is installed.

How does the wood come?
All wood spiral stairs options are sanded, ready for customer preferred finishing of stain or polyurethane. Note: The wood must be finished immediately upon receipt to prevent splitting or warping.

What tools are needed?
All that’s needed to install your staircase is a drill, pipe wrench or vise grips, and a level. A socket wrench is helpful, but not necessary. Allen keys are provided.

Is the hardware included with the stairs?
Yes. All hardware (except lag shields for concrete floors) for installing your spiral stairs is included as well as comprehensive, easy-to-follow instructions.

How do I order a staircase?
Ordering a Mylen Stair couldn’t be easier. Order by phone or fax. Confirmation is sent ASAP with a production number for future reference. All shipments include a packing list, installation instructions, and hardware for installing your spiral stairs.

What is a baluster?
Baluster is just an industry term for “spindle,” “stair stick,” or “picket.”

What are sleeves and what is the difference between continuous stacking sleeves and adjustable sleeves?
Sleeves connect to the spiral stair treads and they slide over the center column when installing the staircase. Continuous stacking sleeves are custom cut to your desired height before we ship them out and you will be able to continuously stack the sleeves over the center column. Because they’re able to stack on top of each other, continuous sleeves hide the center column and give a smooth appearance in addition to proving extra strength and support. Adjustable sleeves do not stack on top of each other and therefore they do not cover the entire center column. Adjustable sleeves are a flexible and economical choice for your spiral stair. In addition, continuous sleeves are far easier to install since one does not need to set the height of each riser.

What are carrier plates and why do they matter?
Carrier plates are the “fins” that you see underneath our stair treads on the CS100 and CS200 spiral stair models. These carrier plates are only featured on the Custom Series models. No other spiral staircase manufacturer offers carrier plates like Mylen Stairs does. Our carrier plates are simply incredible for three reasons: 1) they are engineered for durability and support our treads so much that you technically wouldn’t even need balusters. 2) they are captivating and look beautiful while standing underneath the tread. When buying a spiral stair, many people do not consider how the stair looks while standing underneath it–Mylen solves that problem with our one-of-a-kind spiral stair carrier plates. And 3) as we mentioned above, no other manufacturer offers carrier plates with their spirals. Mylen’s CS100 and CS200 are anything but cookie-cutter with our carrier plates and our unique look will add further character to your home, apartment, or office building.

What are stair stringers?
Stringer is a term we use for our floating mono and double stringer stairs. Stringers are beams used to support the treads of our stairs. Stringers are located underneath the treads and act as a support system for your safety. Mono stringer stairs have one 4″ x 6″ steel tube beam and double stringer stairs have two 2″ x 6″ steel tube stringers. We also offer additional stringer options for our double stringer stair.

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