Builder's Classic Series

Achieve a Clean Look with Minimal Installation Time

Mylen’s Builder’s Classic Series offers the exclusive advantage of a 1 1/2” diameter steel handrail and 1” square steel balusters. These balusters have a front-to-back design for enhanced durability. Further exclusive features characteristic of the Builder’s Classic Series are the fully stacked riser sleeves, allowing for a sleek outline and adding greater layers to the structural integrity. This is a stair with fine form and superb function.

As with all Mylen’s spirals, the Builder’s Classic Series can be customized to your taste with the addition of wood treads, wood handrails, and custom powder-coat finishes in whatever color suits the mood of your space. Getaway spaces in your backyard can also benefit from the advantages offered by the Builders Series as this line can even be customized to be suitable for outdoor needs thanks to available galvanized and powder-coated finishes. A Mylen Builder’s Classic stair comes in diameters of up to 8’, making it ideal even for large-scale projects. Each completed stair ships in configurations that meet building codes.

Continuous Stacking Sleeves
The custom-cut full riser gives you sleeker lines and eliminates adjustment time during installation, all while still permitting you to have your choice of rotation direction.

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Ideal for Meeting Large-Scale Spiral Stair Projects


A Mylen Builder’s Classic spiral can be engineered to diameters of up to 8’. This makes the Builder’s Classic the perfect solution for construction projects of a large scale. Another advantage of this series is Mylen’s front-to-back baluster-to-tread connection design, which allows you a large scale stair with superior rigidity. The Builder’s Classic can also be customized with materials suitable for outdoor conditions, meaning this stair can be large scale and offer superior rigidity for outdoor needs.

Builder’s Classic Series Highlights

  • Offered in large diameter to satisfy your large-scale project needs
  • Innovative baluster-to-tread connection gives your stair increased stability
  • Continuous stacking sleeves provide your finished stair with a clean look
  • Fits any finished floor-to-floor height to allow you easy installation
Technical Details


– 1″ x 1″ square balusters

– Additional mid-tread balusters (2 or 3 per tread)



– PVC handrails


– 1-5/16″ steel handrail

– One continuous piece of solid oak, 2 1/4” x 1 1/4”, custom made and ready to bolt to the balusters

– 1 1/2” diameter steel or wooden handrails


– Available in diameters from 3’6” up to 8’

Advantages of a Mylen Builders Series Spiral Stair


Innovative back-to-front/baluster-to-tread connection for added rigidity.


Go with our black primer to give your stair a striking appeal in any setting.


Our continuously stacking sleeves help to create a clean silhouette and a modern feel.

Builders Series Material Options

Interior Options

Custom Series 200 stainless steel spiral stair with wooden treads and handrails

Exterior Options

Custom Series 100  aluminum spiral stair with white powder coating and smooth treads
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