Spiral Stair Product Lines

Mylen Provides Custom Configurations for Every Structural Aesthetic Need

To make it easier to ensure your spiral stair needs are met, Mylen offers a wide variety of product lines that each utilize different structural features. These features are designed to offer both aesthetic and structural functions. We make it as easy as we can to ensure you select the right stair both in material and structure.

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CS100: A Fully Customizable Stair with Superior Strength

The Custom Series 100 is  a fully customizable stair with a cutting edge support system that offers a smooth, open silhouette and aesthetic for the modern age. This stair line uses an innovative series of “cups” or “fins” affixed to the bottom of the treads (one baluster for each fin). The fins are connected to the balusters for added rigidity to the stair’s overall structure. Various materials are offered from different wood species for the handrails and treads to steel, allowing this stair to be configured to any aesthetic desired.

CS200: Spiral Stairs with a Broad Spectrum of Features and an Innovative Support System

The Custom Series 200 product line offers a wide array of add-on features such as wooden tread covers, wooden handrails, line handrails, and steel handrails to ensure your completed stair is a direct reflection of your vision. This series also incorporates the same “cup” tread support system as the Custom Series 100, the primary difference is that this lines balusters connect to the “cups” directly through the treads thanks to pre-drilled holes. The result is a cleaner silhouette.

Adjustable Stairs That Allow for A Clean Finish to Any Project Specifications

Mylen’s Adjustable stairs offer a level of height configuration that makes them easily suited to a number of otherwise difficult to satisfy build specifications and dimensions. This level of configuration makes the Adjustable line a great value for indoor and outdoor needs.

The Custom Builders Series Provides the Rigidity and Size for Commercial Needs

Exclusive features characteristic of the Builders Series are the fully stacked riser sleeves, allowing for a sleek outline and adding additional layers to the structural integrity. Furthermore, the Builders Series offers the advantage of dimensions of up to 8′ in diameter. Such large proportions make this an ideal series for industrial-scale outdoor projects.

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