Spiral Stairs and Architectural Staircases FAQ

Spiral stairs add beauty, style and practicality to any home or business. Whether you choose a traditional spiral stair, a custom metal spiral staircase, or architectural staircases that make a statement, Mylen Stairs can provide you with everything you need for a staircase that will provide both form and function for years to come!

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1.      Can I use a Mylen Spiral Stair in my home?

Yes, a curved staircase will fit in beautifully, as long as you can make a finished stairwell that’s at least 44″ x 44″ with a header or floor joist to attach to upstairs or off any loft, balcony or deck (Some smaller places will work, contact us for details.)

2.      Can Mylen Spiral Stairs be used outdoors?

Yes, using normal steel maintenance. The checkered safety plate treads are an anti-skid tread. Or put indoor/outdoor carpeting on your wood treads over the smooth plate. Free templates are available for cutting your own treads. On ground use concrete footings below frost line. There are now many great exterior grade metals and finishes available, such as hot-dipped galvanized stairs, aluminum and stainless steel.

3.      Is the stair painted?

The stair comes with a coat of alkyd-acrylic rust inhibitive primer. It can be finished in any color, using oil or latex paint but any metal staircase should be painted after the stair is installed.

4.      How does the wood come?

All wood spiral stairs options are sanded, ready for customer preferred finishing of stain or polyurethane. Note: The wood must be finished immediately upon receipt to prevent checking.

5.      What tools are needed?

All that’s needed to install your staircase is a drill, pipe wrench or vise grips and a level. A socket wrench is helpful, but not necessary. Allen keys are provided.

6.      Is the hardware included with the stairs?

Yes. All hardware (except lag shields for concrete floors) for installing your spiral stairs is included as well as sensible, easy-to-follow instructions.

7.      How do I order a staircase?

Ordering a Mylen Stair couldn’t be easier! Order by mail, phone, fax, and coming soon for your convenience, right here on the web. Confirmation is sent ASAP with a production number for future reference. All shipments include a packing list, instructions and hardware for installing your spiral stairs.

  • Econo Series – Only height, diameter and basic stair information (tread, rail, baluster, platform) is needed unless upper well railing is desired, therefore requiring sketch of opening.
  • Oak Series and Custom Staircases – Basic stair info and sketch of opening are needed. Both require approved shop drawings which are sent within 72 hours. Stairs are shipped 4-6 weeks after approval. Allow 6-8 weeks for all oak stairs.

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