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Mylen’s history is rich and charged with American ingenuity and work ethic. From 1945 – 1972 Mylen was located in Yonkers, New York and operated primarily as a steel fabricator. During this time Mylen custom built various steel structures throughout the U.S. until we eventually transitioned into the staircase industry. Mylen has been manufacturing spiral stairs for over 40 years and we have shipped thousands of stair units all across the country.

Mylen’s Capabilities.

We can help you create the staircase of your dreams. Whether you are looking for custom spiral staircases or straight and floating architectural stairs, we can help you find the staircase to fit your needs. Your spiral staircase can be ordered standard or customized to meet your project’s standards.

We offer both circular stairs and floating stairs in a variety of metals. Metals include steel, stainless steel, wrought iron and aluminum. We also offer wooden spiral staircases including oak, mahogany, maple and cherry. Our staircases are designed to suit any size space and range from simply utilitarian spiral stairs to complex and elegant floating designs. Curved stairs are great for those difficult layout situations, for loft spaces, or to complete a dramatic entrance way.

When even the most extensively adjustable pre-built staircase won’t do, Mylen’€™s custom stairs are the right choice for you in order to adapt to your specific needs. Selecting this option opens up a world of possibilities to build the staircase you’€™ve been dreaming about. With this option, you will have access to all of the different materials and styles that we offer. The finished product will be built to the exact height specifications that you require, with the diameter you want.

We optimize every element of the construction, ensuring that the finished product is beautiful, durable, and fits exactly within its intended space.

Empower Your Decision with Our Resource Center.

Too many staircase manufacturing companies offer the same non descriptive information on their website. At Mylen, we like to be different. That’s why we created the Resource Center to educate our customers and empower them to make an informed decision on their staircase purchase. This comprehensive hub of articles and buying guides provides information about spiral and floating staircase topics including: staircase installation, selecting the best spiral stair for outdoor decks, the benefits of powder coating, the safety of a Mylen stair and much more.

Have you decided on a Mylen Stair but still are sure how much one would cost? Our helpful guide on spiral staircase prices will walk you right through the process of buying a stair and what to look for when getting a quote. The article covers and elaborates on the factors that might increase or decrease the price of your stair.Our resource center was created to improve your knowledge and understanding of spiral stairs, floating stairs and modular stairs. Stop by the resource center and find your inspiration, today!

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Our Stair Designers will assist you with every detail throughout your shopping process. From stair type selection to providing custom computer drawings of your stair, we provide an unrivaled level of service to every customer. Our stair designers know it’s important for you to find the staircase that saves space and fits your budget. Our designers will show you each model and go through our stair features in detail with you. At Mylen Stairs, we also have a dedicated shipping and logistics department to help you track your order and shipment times. Our logistics team will be able to answer any of your shipping and installation questions with ease.

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Mylen Stairs has been a quality manufacturer of curved stairs and spiral stair kits for over half a century. We offer both economical options and premium options and we can fit any customer’s budget. Call us at 1-800-431-2155 today or Email Us for more information on how we can help you find the perfect staircase to meet your needs. Your project is important to us, so let the experts here at Mylen Stairs help.

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