Choosing the Perfect Spiral or Floating Staircase

Not Sure Where to Begin? Start Here.

When you first set out to buy a spiral or floating stair, there are bound to be several uncertainties you’ll encounter. You may not even know where to look to address these uncertainties. This is why Mylen has taken the time to construct a comprehensive guide with the goal of addressing these issues and guiding you to make a decision you can be confident in and happy with for as long as you live in your home. By the end of this guide, you’ll have all of the information you need to make a spiral or floating purchase with confidence.

Maximize your space with a unique spiral staircase that offers a lifetime of quality. Prices range from $500 to $20,000.

Achieve that desirable minimalist look with a floating staircase that provides modern and clean open sight lines.

Find Your Inspiration
A spiral stair doesn’t just serve a functional need, it either highlights, or becomes the central focus of, a space’s overall look and theme. And a floating stair is an excellent way to express your flair for the modern while maximizing your space. So understanding which look is best for you and how to create it is important.

Gather Your Dimensions
No two spaces share the exact same dimensions, so a stair application should not be universal in size. You want your stair to be custom fitted to your space, so knowing which dimensions to even look for and measure is very important. We offer a simple description of which measurements you’ll want and how to get them. All it takes is tape measure, a few minutes, and the know-how of any average homeowner. With this knowledge, Mylen’s professional stair designers will be perfectly equipped to show you your desired stair’s price with complete transparency down to every feature.

Understand Your Stair Application
What are the conditions under which your stair will be used? Indoor? Outdoor? And how much foot traffic do you think it’s likely to see? Will you be carrying anything up and down it? We help you take a closer look at your intended use for the stair.

Know Your Coding Requirements
Just hearing the word “code” can be intimidating. But it’s not as complicated or hard to satisfy as it sounds. Mylen’s expert designers have an intimate knowledge set in code requirements for each state, allowing them to address any question you have no matter how specific or where you’re located. Our guide breaks code requirements down in comprehensive chunks so you know exactly what you need or if you even need to worry about code at all before speaking with our designers.

Discover the Affordability of a Mylen Stair
Knowing which factors affect budget, and knowing exactly what your budget is, is the bottom line of any purchase for your home. So we provide you with a solid handle on those factors so you encounter zero surprises with your purchase and make the right investment.

Choose Your Mylen Stair
By the end of this experience, you’ll feel armed with the right knowledge to make a definitive selection and move forward with your home or yard’s next big project. Beyond that, you’ll have a better understanding of your home’s space and you’ll feel savvier as a consumer in general when it come to your home’s next big purchase or project.