The Space Where Your Stairs Live

Envisioning the look of the stairs that you want to live in your home or office space for years is the first step. However, Mylen knows that the direction of this crucial first step can sometimes be elusive. It can be difficult to envision those stairs beyond seeing them as spiral or straight. What color, material, finish, style, and pattern is the best match for the rest of the space you’ve created?

This is why Mylen takes pride in showcasing a wide array of past projects born from vision and passion, so you can see what our stairs look like when engineered and produced to live in various and specific indoor and outdoor environments. Seeing the final touch that gave each of these spaces their distinctive personality is a great launching point for the pre-build stage of your project. Please peruse our images so you can see the selections past satisfied customers have made and start to conceptualize your own vision for the ideal stair solution.

Modular & Floating Stairs Gallery

A custom floating stair solution is the perfect way to highlight the class in your home, office, commercial, or industrial space.

Custom Spiral Stairs Gallery

With their mathematically-pleasing fractal shape, spiral staircases offer a great design element sure to augment any space.

Custom Project Gallery

In this showcase, you’ll see a completed stair project the client envisioned to lend a robust aesthetic to their sunroom. The client went with a strong looking, all steel option from column to baluster completed with a powder coat and black primer. The treads were built with a diamond pattern for superior traction and a closed design to meet coding needs for distance between treads. The color contrast between the black stairs, dark hardwood, and brightly colored walls lend this room a stark appeal that captures the attention of anyone who enters.

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