Mono Stringer Floating Staircases

A Mylen mono stringer staircase can be customized in a variety of ways to match the precise dimensions of your build project and the look of your space. Customization options include the ability to insert landings and various material options.

Open Sight Lines & Clean Aesthetics

Mylen’s mono stringer stair line uses a support system that provides an open feel while using your space much more efficiently. Because of the open structure that doesn’t require added support from beneath, mono stringer stairs allow the nearest wall to remain usable for storage or display purposes. Mono stringers are a sleek and sophisticated solution for space and stair needs.

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Made To Your Measurements

Mono Stringer features such as platforms make this floating stair easily configurable to any space, which makes for a much easier installation when it comes to matching your project dimensions. Mylen mono stringers can fit whatever contours your space possesses while maintaining that open feel and sleek look.

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Designed for Your Space

The mono stringer line is also offered in a number of styles to meet your taste. Among our customization options are included: stone treads, steels rail, and much more so you can come up with nearly any combination of materials to create your ideal floating stai

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What to Expect with Mylen Stairs


    Your new custom spiral or floating staircase starts with a complimentary phone consultation with one of our expert design consultants. At this first meeting, we’ll ask you for general measurements such as your estimated stair height and listen closely to understand your needs and ideas.


    Once equipped with your design requirements, we’ll create a virtual model of your staircase using our 3-D rendering software. This will show you how your stair will actually look and function in your space. Together, we’ll make changes until the design is exactly what you want.


    When complete, your custom design is sent to our manufacturing floor, where we use the finest materials from North America and Europe to create your stair components. Your Mylen stair will meet the highest quality of standards, backed by a lifetime guarantee on metal fabrication.

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