Modular Straight Stair

Amazing Options at a Great Price

The Modular Straight Stair system is Mylen’s most configurable and economic straight stair solution. This stair delivers the same modern and industrial look and feel as any high-end mono-stringer stair, but the engineering of this stair delivers the ability to adjust to any overall height through the addition or subtraction of individual “blocks” that create this high-strength stringer. The Modular Straight Stair provides many other options and accessories, allowing it to serve a wide variety of customer needs.

If you are looking for an open and modern straight stair to complement the contemporary design of your residential setting or a functional and economical solution for your office or industrial workspace, your search is over.

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Railing Material to Meet Every Style and Use

Panel Railing

Standard steel panel railing is available with each stair. These panels offer a more closed traditional look for your stair. This style of railing is suitable for any setting and comes with no added cost.

Cable Railing

Cable railing is also available as an upgrade. This option creates an open and modern look for your stair perfect for commercial and industrial settings. The cable is stainless and high-grade, giving it lasting durability.

Tread Options



Our standard tread option is a smooth steel that offers a contemporary look suitable for most any setting.


Wood Tread Covers

It’s easy to personalize the look of your modular stair by picking your favorite wood species from our many choices to top off your treads.

Mylen’s Modular Stair comes with a plethora of material and style options for each component to help customize the stair exactly to your application’s needs. These options affect both the aesthetics and functionality of the stair, and when it comes to the treads you choose on your stair, it’s especially important to consider the functionality.

This wide range of options are suitable for both commercial and residential settings as the combination possibilities they provide allow you to match practically any style conceivable. Contact our designers today so you can learn just what tread design options are available and best suited for your particular modular stair needs.




Our aluminum handrail is a custom option perfect for creating that contemporary air suited for commercial, urban, and industrial settings.



Our wood handrail option, offered in a wide selection of domestic and exotic species, lets you choose from several tones and hues so you can decide what exact style of classic works best for you

Your handrail provides the stability you need for traversing your stair safely, but it can also act as an additional aesthetic element that defines your stair’s style. This style can be sleek and modern or classic and traditional, it really depends on the material you select for your handrail.

Mylen offers a solid range of options to help your achieve different and unique looks on several points along the aesthetic spectrum.

Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use


Mylen’s Modular Stairs have as varied a range of applications as they do component options. The ability to swap in the sleek aluminum handrails and open treads make the stair perfect for any space where you’re looking to create an urban chic look. Likewise, the diamond plate treads and various finish options make the stair a practical option for any outdoor setting that sees heavy rainfall or any other precipitation.

icon-contemporary-residential@2xContemporary Residential

The seemingly floating design and structure of this stair gives it the perfect appeal for contemporary homes trying to create an artistic flair.

Commercial Office

Small street level businesses will find this stair, thanks to its minimum support and streamline aesthetic, is a great way to liven up their curbside appeal and maximize their space use.

Industrial Warehouse

Workshops and small warehouses with mezzanine setups can easily benefit from the easy-to-build and rugged structure this stair provides.

Commercial Office

The slip resistance provided by the diamond treads makes the modular stair a great choice for more than just outdoor locations that experience heavy rain, the stair is also a great choice for backyard getaways and poolside paradises.

Get in touch with one of our helpful designers to learn just how a Mylen Modular Stair can be custom configured to your specific needs.

Modular Stringer Highlights

Broad Walking Path
Treads come 36” wide to provide more than enough space when traversing the stair.

Different Tread Designs
Choose from either smooth or wood covered treads to match your look.

Code Risers for Safety
Risers meeting the IRC’s 4” gap code come standard.

Various Railing System Configuration
Combine different handrail materials (wood or aluminum) with different baluster options (cable or panel) to create your ideal look.

Added Reinforcement for Rough-Weather Needs
Standard, ready to paint or armor your stair for outdoor needs with Tiger and Cardinal powder-coating or hot-dipped galvanization.

Increased Widths for Industrial, Commercial, or Comfort
Select your tread width options in increments of 38”, 40” 42” options to better suit your uses.

Multiple Riser Looks for Any Taste
Risers come in Various cut options to provide different “open” looks, making it easy to match your personal brand of minimalist.

Custom Wood Treads with Full Coverage
Enhance your wood tones by ordering treads custom cut to conform around the balusters and made from your favorite wood species.