Custom Series 200

Fully Customizable and Superior Support

The Mylen CS200 Advantage
Mylen’s CS200 is like the CS100 in several respects. However, the primary differentiation is that you will receive a more streamlined baluster connection system. CS200’s balusters connect via pre-drilled holes in the treads, giving the overall stair a gliding feel. The cantilever system construction is the same as the CS100. Plus, the CS200 offers a wide array of add-on features such as wooden tread covers, wooden handrails, line handrails, and steel handrails to ensure your completed stair is a direct reflection of your vision.

Gold Standard of Strength
One element that sets the Custom Series apart from stairs you’ll find anywhere else is the specially engineered cantilever system comprised of a series of “cups,” or carrier plates, below each step connecting one tread to the next from underneath. While most stair systems rely strictly on the baluster connection for structural integrity, this cantilever system provides an added layer of stability so your stair will never lose its support capacity or rock-solid feel throughout its lifetime.

For Your Convenience
All CS100 stairs are pre-assembled at the plant, painted with black primer, and then shipped in an easily transportable, knocked-down format with all necessary hardware and complete instructions enclosed conveniently.

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Unbeatable Craftsmanship for a Truly All-Wood Staircase


A Mylen all wood spiral stair combines the rich look of wood’s natural beauty with the quality craftsmanship of Mylen’s engineers. This engineering has been developed over decades of holding ourselves to the highest standards. These standards, combined with a selection of the finest materials, allows your wooden stair to be completed with curved lines and fine details that make it a work of art that will enrich any environment.

Custom Series 200 Highlights

  • Unique tread “cups” provide your stair with superior stability and safety
  • Baluster count per tread can be customized to achieve your desired look
  • Stair series is fully customizable to easily match the aesthetic you envision
  • Direct baluster to tread connection hides hardware to give your stair a clean look
Technical Details


– Pre-drilled smooth steel to accept wood cover

– 5/4 hardwood over smooth steel (oak, maple, or mahogany etc.)

– Checkered safety plate, perforated metal, and grating



– 1-1/2” round steel or aluminum

– 1” x 1/2” steel channel flush fit under one-piece solid wood handrail


– Species: oak, maple, mahogany, cherry, walnut

– Measurements: 2- 1/2” H x 1- 3/4” W—2- 1/4” W x 1-3/4” H, 1-3/4” H x 1-3/4” W

Dimensions and Styles

– 5″ diameter

– Multiple handrail styles

– Line style handrail options also available


– Spiral Stairs can be made to meet specific codes such as BOCA, UBC etc. upon request

Advantages of a Mylen Custom Series 200 Spiral Stair


Our most customizable product with an unmatched cantilever support system.


Offering a wide selection of rich wood and and powder coated metal components.


Custom create your all-wood stair in any number of styles to add depth to your home space.

Custom Series 200 Material Options

Interior Options

Custom Series 200 stainless steel spiral stair with wooden treads and handrails

Exterior Options

Custom Series 100  aluminum spiral stair with white powder coating and smooth treads
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