What is the Difference Between Models?

Adjustable Line

-          Great for the customer who is looking for an economic spiral stair that also has flexibility in setting the riser height. This stair is perfect for someone who isn’t 100% sure of their floor to floor height and is looking for a simple stair design to finish their project.

Builder’s Line

-          Our high end tread to tread design includes custom cut risers and a steel handrail. The custom cut risers portray a much cleaner look because each tread is made specifically for you riser height. The upgraded steel handrail is a wonderful upgrade for strength and durability.

Custom Series 100

-          Our first Cantilever design stair we created is still one of the best and it still is one of the only cantilever production spiral stairs in the country. The difference is the fact that the stair is so strong it does not require a tread to tread connection at the main baluster. All the strength derives from the engineering from the center column and the heavy duty materials used to construct the parts. You are left with a much cleaner look as there are no supports touching from tread to tread so you can see through the entire stair.

Custom Series 200

-          The Custom Series 200 is very similar to the 100, but it has cleaner baluster connection to the tread that we redesigned around 2005. It has the same cantilever construction and also offers all the same options including wooden tread covers, wooden handrails, line rail, steel handrail, and the list goes on and on.