Straight Stair Selections

At Mylen Stairs, we offer more than just spiral staircases. In addition to our spiral staircase selections we also include straight stair selections in our impressive inventory.

Open flight stairs are an attractive, beautiful, and versatile style of architectural stairs. These flexible units are referred to as open flight or floating because they appear to be suspended with almost no support beneath them, which creates quite a captivating look. Choosing a floating style allows you to make full use of the area below the stairs rather than being restricted to an awkward closet or other cramped, tight space. Imagine having a staircase that served as a storage space as well. In addition, you don’t encounter the unattractive, closed off appearance that can be characteristic of more traditional staircases. You can put a Mylen open flight staircase in the middle of the room and not lose light from windows or a sense of openness throughout the space. View the Floating Staircase Gallery

Mylen will be happy to custom-create a design solution for your home, office, or commercial/industrial application. We can provide a full design or we can integrate floating elements into components from other manufacturers. Selecting a complete package will ensure that your stairs are designed from the ground up to fit your space and that every component is customized for your needs. If you have any questions regarding our services, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to provide you with customer assistance.